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If you are looking for Whatsapp trackers then this article is for you especially. Whatsapp is a worldwide great app through which you can send messages to your friends and it provides you with the facility of video and audio calls. But, due to some reason many people want to take an eye on the WhatsApp activities of their children, friends and employees etc. They face a little problem in adopting a good tracker to control the other’s Whatsapp activities. Although there are many Whatsapp trackers, we will discuss the top 5 Whatsapp trackers for Android phones.

Top 5 Whatsapp trackers:






Of thousands of Whatsapp trackers, mspy is the most popular Whatsapp tracker and is very common worldwide. Everyone can use it very easily and efficiently. There is no rocket science to use this tracker. Msyp is a great Whatsapp tracker with good reliability. You can easily download the mspy Whatsapp tracker from the play store or from Google. Mspy Whatsapp tracker works hiddenly and keeps all your data protected. Also, this Whatsapp tracker is totally confidential. Mspy Whatsapp tracker takes almost 5 minutes to set and then it starts tracking the phone and Whatsapp activities by remaining invisible. You can easily monitor the WhatsApp activities of your children, your friends and employees etc. Especially, to control or see the WhatsApp activities of kids, recommend you to use the mspy Whatsapp tracker.


Umobix is another great Whatsapp tracker app. It is also used worldwide and is very common. The best feature of umobix Whatsapp tracker app is that it gives you the complete details about the sent, received and deleted messages on the WhatsApp of your kids, your employees or someone other you love. There are no hard steps to using this app. You just need to log in for the chat and it will start its work automatically. You just need to put the number of your partner, kids, employees etc. This app helps you to keep peace in your relationship if you love someone secretly. Also, this app is very easy to use for beginners.


If you want to monitor your kids or want to see the WhatsApp activities of your partner then flexispy Whatsapp tracker is the best option for you. This Whatsapp tracker gives you complete details about the WhatsApp activities and gives you a complete list of contact numbers on the mobile phone of your partner or employee or any other. Also, this app gives you details about your private messages on Whatsapp. you can see the details about the sender or receiver by using flexispy Whatsapp tracker app. Flexispy Whatsapp tracker app provides you with complete details about the audio, video, photos or any file sent or received on WhatsApp along with information about the sender or receiver. This app demands some money and after fulfilling all the demands and steps of setting in the flexispy Whatsapp tracker it works very efficiently and does its work secretly. This app also protects your data all the time.

Another great Whatsapp tracker app is Instead of thousands of apps for Whatsapp tracking, the app has its own uniqueness. This app provides you complete details about the message, audio video calls and exact location of your partner, kids or employees, you want to control. This app has almost 42 features and all of these have their own work and importance. One of the best features of this app is that there is no physical impact on your device. It keeps your device protected. Another nice feature is that the spied person can’t know about this app and it is impossible to know that he is spied on. Also, this app provides details about the person whom your partner or employee or kids are interacting with. You can easily get information about the social media activities of your kids, employees or partner. This app also works very well on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat etc. You can easily download this app from Google or the play store on your mobile phone.

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This app has its own uniqueness and is wonderful and easy to use. To use this app there is no need for any permission. This app works without any internet and it is a great feature of this app. Also, this app doesn’t access your device data and keeps it protected. You can know about all the WhatsApp activities like who joined, who started the conversation, who ended the conversation, how long they talk and many other important things. This app is also used worldwide and is easy to use for beginners. A great plus point of this app is that there is no need for any permission and connection to the server, just do analysis in isolation and that’s all. Studies show that many companies are failing in setting goals and monitoring the employees and their work. So they are planning to use this app to control the employees and achieve their goals by putting their full attention on the work and also getting this from their employees. Most are using this app for this task.


Whatsapp is a nice app that is used worldwide. Its services include written messages, voice messages, audio calls, video calls and many others. But sometimes we need to see or monitor the whole activities of our employees, our kids or our partners and that is a great challenge to an extent. This article was just an attempt to overcome the problems we faced in monitoring WhatsApp activities. We discussed the top 5 Whatsapp tracker apps out of thousands. Out of thousands of apps used for Whatsapp tracking, these five apps I found more effective and I talked about these apps. These apps are straightforward to use and handling the WhatsApp activities of your kids or employees is also nice. These apps give you complete details about the WhatsApp activities which include sent, received or deleted messages, details about the list of contact numbers and people whom your partner or kids are interacting with.

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